Private Jet Services for Your Top Personnel

Private jets are being used by more and more businesses everyday. There is no dearth of justification for using private jet services for your business needs. However, along with all the other benefits, private jet services can also benefit you in terms of keeping your top staff (eg your top sales people) in high spirits. And, in fact, such private jet services could act as an incentive for them. Remember, private jets are as such associated with super-luxury travel.

The drinks and food that are provided as part of the private jet services are just top class. The seats are super relaxing and you do not feel the tiredness that is associated with air travel. All this translates into superb comfort for your top staff. Also, the flexibility provided by chartered private jet can make them stop worrying about planning their trips and instead allow them to concentrate on their core job. Your private jet charter can, since, give more control to your sales people (and other top staff) and keep them happy. Generally, business-related travel is most loved by most people.

For sales people, travel is part of their job; but still, too much travel can be stressful for them. However, with the luxuries associated with private jet services, your top sales people will, in fact, be eager to travel. This means that not only do they travel comfortably but also, they travel in a happy state of mind. All these adds to their productivity. Also, by using private jet services, you can get your best sales person to move more swiftly from one place to another. You do not need to look for the second best. This is something that can create a big difference to your business on the whole.

The charm of flying a private jet can really increase the loyalty of your top staff towards your company. Using private jet services would be beyond the means of most of your staff and this will not only give them comfort and a happy feeling but also something that they can boast about among their friends. Private jet services can really be a big incentive for your top staff. This is something that you should factor in in your cost-benefit analysis for the use of private jet services.

 Private Jet Hire

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. It should not even be a question of why people want to be one but a question of how they will achieve that status. With the current global recession, it is very hard for an ordinary Joe to achieve a millionaire status even if he keeps every paycheck he has for the rest of his life. Well, nobody got rich overnight but a lot of people died trying and only a grateful of them succeeded. It may be a hard thing to accomplish but today you can achieve a millionaire status by just faking it! Yes, you can do that and no one will ever know the difference. One way to get that millionaire experience is by flying with a private jet. The private jet business has been around for quite sometime now.

In the past, private jets were only bought by those people who are very rich. Those people would include royalty, high profile celebrities, and a certain Chief Executive Officers of different companies. Now that the average person has gone bored of flying on a commercial plane even at first class seats, the private jet for hire business was born. This business caters to people who hate all the traffic on land or people who have lost their taste for first class commercial airplanes. These jets can bring you anywhere in the world at anytime.

It's a very expensive business and it almost functions like your normal limousine business. If you need a private jet, all you need to do is call a couple of people from the business and you can have that millionaire experience in no time. This business mostly works on reservations just like a normal airplane business but if you are able to pull some strings then maybe you may not need one. This works only for those who are extremely rich and popular. These services do not come cheap. The smallest amongst that you can pay for these private jets would be around $ 8,000 USD. It mostly depends on the type of aircraft you need and the maximum seating capacity.

You can book a private jet for a round trip or a one way trip. In some arrangements, especially in one way trips, you would have to pay for the plane twice if they are unable to get passengers back to their point of origin. This is the reason why people would opt to go for a round trip. If you were only going to spend that much, why not go all the way? You can choose from a variety of companies that offer these types of services and they are available on the net. Some of them could also give you an estimate price quote.

You can also choose what type of aircraft you may need such as a six to eight seater aircraft with a fine flight service crew or a simple helikopter just to get away from traffic. Whatever the purpose you may be or whatever aircraft you may want to hire, these things can really get you wherever and whenever you want.

 Leading Private Jet Charter Operators

Flying with the airlines can be a time consuming as well as risky proposition for businessmen as well as for people of wealth. If you absolutely must be able to get somewhere fast, you are putting your trust into a system that is overcrowded, inconvenient, and failing when you fly with the airlines. What are your options? Rent or rent a private jet. The following list features some of the leading private jet charter operators in the United States

Atlantic Aviation Flight Services

Automotive Air Charter

Avjet Corporation

Business Jet Services

Clay Lacy Aviation

Delta AirElite

Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft

Jet Aircraft

First Air Management LLC








each of the operators is that they fly large cabin aircraft. This group is defined by – but not limited to – the following types of aircraft:

Gulfstream 450; 550

Boeing Business Jet

Canadair Challenger 604

Bombardier Global Express; 800

Falcon 2000

In each case you get the security of having two highly trained FAA licensed pilots and you can opt for a corporate flight attendant to provide cabin services and safety assistance. These are no King Airs, Lears, and Westwinds you will be flying. Many rent for $ 7,000. Per hour on the up, but when you're talking about closing down on a merger or acquisition in the morning in Dallas and being back in your Boston office in the afternoon, the price is inconsequential.

There are also several operations that will allow you to purchase a portion of a jet. No, you do not get a wing, but rather a timeshare – you get to use a private jet operated by one of the providers. Chief among these specialized providers are:



Flight Options


A third option is to approach one of the private jet aircraft brokers who will arrange the trip for you. Chief among these types of providers are


Gold Jets


Marquis Jet


All in all, private flying is where it's at. If you live in the New York area, you can fly out of convenient Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and land at Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles. By avoiding Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark airports you save precious time and land unruffled in LA. Who can put a price tag on that?